Don't Get scammed

Do not offer your individual or financial details i to anyone or company that you did not request or that you did not initiate, or expect contact from. Reputable companies will not text, email or call  to request your personal info, like your Social Security, savings account, or bank card numbers.

scammers tell you to pay in a certain way, a scammer may ask you to pay them by means of cash or cash apps, or wire, some may ask you to pay all up front or half now and the rest over time without providing you any services. And they may try to pressure to act immediately.

If you get an text, email or call from a business you have communicated with as well as you assume is a legitimate company you may called or visited, it’s real, it’s best not to click or accept any type of web phone text or open any emails. Instead, contact them using an internet site you understand is reliable.

Stand up to the pressure to act quickly. Legitimate organizations will certainly offer you time to decide. Any person who stress you to pay or provide your personal info is a fraudster.

Stop and speak to someone you trust fund. Prior to you do anything else, inform a person– a buddy, a member of the family, a neighbor– what took place. 

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