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Your resource for how to do it your self credit repair.

  • How to rebuild your credit

  • Credit repair 101

  • How to get a free credit report

  • How to read a credit report

  • 609 Dispute letter

  • How to write a dispute letter and win.

  • Where to send the dispute letters

  • Rounds one, two and three how to, dispute letters

  • 14 Types of  Credit reporting agencies

  • How to find the right credit repair company

  • What does your fico mean

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What Is Inside Of This Book

What is credit repair and does it work?

  • First What is credit repair and does it really work? And is it legal? 
  • Credit repair is the process of removing inaccurate unverifiable items or errors that legally shouldn’t be on your credit report in the first place.
  • So how does credit repair work? How can you dispute items with the credit bureaus and really get items like collections, repossessions, home foreclosures, bankruptcy, civil judgments and federal and state tax liens being deleted from your credit bureaus.
  • How are consumers able to do this legally? There’s a lot of consumer laws that govern what creditors and the credit bureaus can and can’t do. When it comes to reporting information on your credit reports.
  • In this book we are going to dive into the main laws that govern what creditors and credit reporting companies can and can’t do, also from the FCRA, fair credit reporting act, this is the main law that allow consumer to dispute with CRA, Credit reporting agencies, also the rule they must abide by when report on someone’s credit.
  • So let’s take a look at some of the laws and which ones apply and how to use them as leverage, to help yourself or a family member who may have errors on their credit report. Everything in this book is tried and proven, so by all means, grab a paper and pen and let’s get those credit scores up.

This Is Worth The Download

The purpose of this book:

The purpose of the e-book is to help anyone who needs help with improving their credit.

From raising their credit score, or removing errors placed on there by creditors.

Helping you improve your credit  or helping someone with their credit, you will need credit  for an automobile purchase or preparing to purchase a home or get a really important job.

In this e-book you will know what to do, how to do it, and when. You will learn how to dispute, you will learn how to write a dispute letter, and when to send the correct letter at the right time.

You will learn how to dispute and win!

For the first time in your credit history you are in control. So take advantage of this great opportunity to learn not only to help yourself and your family but also your friends. So before you start, read through this book first, this process is simple and will change your life.

Enjoy learning, become powerful with knowledge.

Is This E-Book Free

Yes for anyone who want’s to improve their credit and fico scores, possibly saving thousands in future purchase powers, like a home or an automobile and credit card interest.

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